Welcome to,
This is the online home of Rollinfat Multi Media Studios. We are into everything artistically media oriented.  

The main artists are: B.B. Maxwell, recording his first solo project. Aka the Ghost Writer he's gonna put together the most eclectic collection of songs. It is just under way in the deciding and arranging. It should be very popular around the world. Judging by the response of just one un-produced copy of "The Healing",on the net.(Available on Itunes and everywhere on the web).

Another under development is: The Transcendental All-Stars, A fun Band, Also recording debut CD. Look to hear from them on many sources in the future. We especially exited about this project also. This is a funky/blues/ROCK Band. They are into rockin the house. but they Are lacking front person. We are working on that.

That's what we do, help exceptional artists get what and where they need to be. A realistic objective view helps point thing in the right direction. We produce broadcast quality audio & visual productions, for artist we think deserve it.  We are not the run of the mill Studio. We are not profit driven.  Below is a Youtube production donated to Ron Paul. The Music was provide and donated by B.B. Maxwell.


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